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green, lifestyle, design, sustainablity, eco-friendly, eco-conscious
Urban Gardens
Awarded on 12/16/2010 with Top 1%
Unlimited Thinking for Limited Spaces: Linking you to the freshest, innovative, and eco-friendly ideas, trends, and designs.

ARKive home page,ARKive,endangered species,threatened species,IUCN,Red...
ARKive - a unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species
Awarded on 4/16/2009 with Top 1%
ARKive - a unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species.

Eco kids magazine Forum Recipes Free classifieds DIY Recycling Self Sufficient Green Tips
Awarded on 8/16/2008 with Top 1%
A green community where eco conscious minded people can visit, interact and share their interest in all things healthy.

Home, Renewables, Lifestyle, Cars, Eco Build, Ethical Money, Reviews
EcoSwitch > The Complete Green Lifestyle Guide
Awarded on 11/4/2008 with Top 10%
ecoswitch is an online guide to leading a greener life, includes articles, how to guides, a green social networking site and the site is hosted on rackspace's green hosting!

green, goals, global, climate change, phased withdrawal
Green Groove
Awarded on 1/8/2009 with Top 10%
Green Groove's interactive website ( lets users select predefined weekly goals to help assemble a monthly plan to help SAVE THE PLANET.

News Environment Ecology Sustainability
Ecology, Design, Renewables - EcoAsia
Awarded on 5/11/2009 with Top 10%
EcoAsia is a bilingual, internet-based, hub for the latest and coolest of everything eco. We pride ourselves on being Asia’s first bilingual Eco lifestyle online publication.

garden, gardens, gardening, seeds, plants, flowers, nature, garden directory, gardening resource,...
The Gardeners Resource
Awarded on 4/1/2009 with Top 10%
Everything for the gardener! Resources, information, directories, tools, calculators, contests, articles, photos, video, citizen science, web specials, herb directory, community, handmade products...

coastal, marine, ecosystem, water, resources, freshwater, climate, atmosphere,population, health,...
EarthTrends | Environmental Information
Awarded on 8/10/2009 with Top 1%
A free online database that focuses on issues of sustainable development andthe environment. This site draws statistical, graphic, and analytical information from over 40 internationallyrecognized...

Eco-friendly, Green, Organic, Modern, Trendy
Eco Friendly Baby Products, Green Baby Shower Gifts, Organic Baby Clothes
Awarded on 12/8/2008 with Top 10%
A 100% eco-friendly & modern baby boutique.

Future House USA
Awarded on 4/15/2008 with Top 10%
Build houses with greater efficiencies and energy conservation practice.

Sustainable living, sustainability, Environmentalism, Environment, Global warming, Climate change,... - Think Green with Eco Friendly News and Tips - Earth, Water, Air, Life. | Home
Awarded on 10/15/2009 with Top 10% provides you with a fun online social atmosphere that encourages the exchange and discussion of green ideas. A marathon environmental and ecological conversation for normal people.

ecolutionist, eco, green, progressive, activism, unique, creative, new
Awarded on 1/25/2011 with Top 10%
Ecolutionist is a weblog dedicated to the evolution of progressive thought, actions and ideas. With the planet in mind, we hope to expand awareness within the scope of conscious living and bring to...

starfish, environmentalism, ecology, technology, biodiversity, conservation, lifestyle
The Starfish
Awarded on 11/19/2010 with Top 10%
The Starfish aims to engage communities in conversations about environmental concerns on a variety of geographical scales.

self-sufficiency, sustainability, sustainable living, environmentally friendly
Sustainable Living
Awarded on 12/16/2010 with Top 25%
A blog resource about sustainable living, self sufficiency and more...

green, green blog, eco friendly, eco-friendly,environment,sustainable living,sustainability,...
Go Green St: Green Living with Eco Friendly Advice on Living a Natural Lifestyle
Awarded on 5/7/2010 with Top 25%
Tips for going green and living a natural sustainable lifestyle. Eco fashion, green home improvements, environmental news, eco-friendly products, recycling, green homes, eco fashion and earth...

Car Seat Covers,Diaper Bags,New Mom Necklaces,Baby Gifts,Gifts for...
Unique & luxurious Gifts for Baby and Mom. Go Green in Style
Awarded on 11/5/2008 with Top 25%
Beautiful & stylish organic cotton and bamboo baby clothes, nursery furniture, bedding, bath products and gifts. The natural choice for baby and mom!

go green, sustainable living, energy conservation, freecycle, homemade beauty recipes, earth day,...
'go green' Think Green, Act Green
Awarded on 6/4/2009 with Top 25%
This web site has been set up to be mindful of and sensitive to the natural environment in our daily life. We are advocating the 3 R's of environmental protection. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Best eco lodges, eco lodges, eco-lodges, eco hotels, ecolodges, eco tourism, eco lodge directory,...
Best Eco Friendly Lodges worldwide, Top Green Hotels, Ecolodges seychelles cousine island, ecolodges belize, ecolodge costa rica, ecolodge mexico, ecolodge tanzania, eco lodge jamaica, eco lodge egypt, ecoldoge ecuador, ecolodge australia
Awarded on 5/15/2009 with Top 25%
Best eco friendly lodges and hotels in Africa, Australia, Asia, South and North America. Discover the top green hotels and lodges worldwide...

gifts, christmas presents, gift ideas, birthday gifts, toys, toy, garden, garden supplies,...
Toys, Gifts, Garden, Eco friendly shopping online
Awarded on 12/2/2008 with Top 25%
Toys,gifts,gardening for home,school and nursery. Enter our free eco competion and win prizes,

cork flooring, cork floor, cork floors, cork tile, cork tiles
Cork Flooring - Learn About & Buy Cork Flooring
Awarded on 11/4/2010 with Top 25%
Cork flooring information and places to buy cork floors. We provide everything you need to know about cork flooring on our website.

repair, reduce, reuse, recycle, wombling, environment, rubbish, junk, stuff, norwich, eco, waste,...
Wombling - Reduce ~ Repair ~ Reuse ~ Recycle
Awarded on 2/22/2011 with Top 25%
Wombling reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfill by collecting unwanted items, i.e. furniture, clothes etc. We also offer repair courses, and deliver training to business.

Green products - Your Trusted Source for Green Products
Awarded on 4/17/2009 with Top 25%
Our mission at BuyGreen is to become your most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, and the most enjoyable shopping...

renewable,renewablog,renewables blog, ecoblog,econews,heatpump,wind,wind...
Awarded on 8/9/2010 with Top 25%
EcoNews at your fingertips...

carolina mushrooms, organic mushroom, organic fungi, south carolina mushrooms, mycology,...
Mushroom Mountain, South Carolina Mushrooms, Organic Mushroom, Organic Fungi, South Carolina Mushrooms
Awarded on 5/27/2009 with Top 25%
Mushroom Mountain is a South Carolina based company, that focuses on teaching the masses about gardening with mushrooms, bioremediation, and mycorestoration.

Napo Wildlife Center, Napo Lodge, Yasuni, Napo, Ecuador, Conservation, ecotourism, Napo,...
Ecuador Nature Preserve
Awarded on 4/15/2008 with Top 25%
Napo Wildlife Center - Yasuni National Park

Reduce your utility bills, home efficiency, lower your bills
Simple Green Home Solutions
Awarded on 12/28/2009 with Top 25%
New Leaf America educates homeowners, renters and small business owners about home efficiency, provides DIY instructional videos, and sells high performance lighting, energy and water saving...

Eco Course Hotel Resort Lodge Eco Best Practices Conservation
Eco Helpline. Free online Eco course for Hotels Resorts and lodges
Awarded on 11/20/2009 with Top 25%
Free online Eco Best Practices Course for Hotel Executives and Staff. Learn to green your hotel

Living Walls and Vertical Gardens
Awarded on 2/8/2010 with Top 25%
A website about growing plants and vegetables in an urban environment on a wall. Living walls can be done inside and out. The plants remove CO2 and add oxygen to the atmosphere.

green living,enviroment,eco friendly
eco-friendly Sam Lets all do our part..
Awarded on 2/24/2010 with Top 25%
WE all live on gods green earth lets keep it clean..Everyone these days is trying to be more green and more environmentally conscious.

green living, eco friendly, environmentally friendly, sustainable, shopping,...
Green Living, Eco Friendly & Organic Products - Leaf Living
Awarded on 3/8/2010
Leaf Living promotes sustainable lifestyles by providing information, products and services to consumers and businesses who care about the environment, sustainable commerce and natural...

Vermont, carbon neutral web, webmaster, Search Engine Optimization, hosting, VT Web Properties
Vermont Carbon Neutral Web Design - VT Web Properties - Randolph VT
Awarded on 11/12/2009 with Top 25%
Carbon Neutral web design, development and hosting in Vermont. Creative solutions without the carbon

eco-friendly bag, eco-friendly bags, reusable bag, re-usable bag, reusable bags, re-usable bags,...
Green Chic Reusable Grocery Bags
Awarded on 12/2/2008 with Top 25%
Green Chic Bag Company supports the fight against plastic by producing stylish, eco friendly, reusable shopping bags.

bamboo clothes, bamboo clothing, green cleaning products, eco friendly products, organic bedding,...
Organic & Eco Friendly Products, Bamboo Clothing & Green Cleaning Products by My Pumpkin Doodle
Awarded on 5/27/2009
Green, organic, eco-friendly and natural products including Bamboo sheets, bamboo clothing, green cleaning products and organic bedding.

baby clothes, blankets, accessories, eco-friendly, bamboo fiber, organic cotton, natural,...
Midori Bamboo Baby Collection
Awarded on 4/16/2009
Baby apparel and blankets made from bamboo and organic cotton from a certified Oeko-Tex 100 standard company and practices fair trade.

LED Street Light, Energy Efficiency, Light Pollution, Climate Change,
LED Street Light AuLED
Awarded on 2/5/2009 with Top 25%
A website about energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED street lights developed in Germany by the HarzOptics GmbH and the AUTEV AG.

earth design, native landscaping, pickens, south carolina, restoration, eco education, master...
Earth Design - earth design, native landscaping, pickens, south carolina, restoration, eco education, master planning, natural landscapes, enviromental consulting, landscape design, design, ecology, education
Awarded on 6/2/2009 with Top 25%
Earth Design Inc. is a Landscape Architectural/Environmental design firm founded in 1996 by Fredrick P. Huffman.

Walking, Walks, Routes, Public Transport, Countryside, Rambling, Hill walking, Mountaineering...
Car Free Walks
Awarded on 6/11/2009 with Top 25%
A website for people who love walking but want to reduce their impact on the environment. We offer easy-to-use guides for walks throughout the UK that are accessible via public transport.

Organic, Organic t-shirts, Cotton, fundraiser, organization fundraiser, school fundraiser, t shirt...
seed sucker organic apparel | organic cotton, bamboo t-shirts with an environmental message
Awarded on 6/24/2009
Organic Apparel and Eco-Fundraiser

green,eco-friendly,earth blog,green family blog,green earth,reduce,re-use,recycle,recycling,texas...
Our Everyday Earth - Green Family Blog
Awarded on 7/21/2009 with Top 25%
A Texas Family Trying to Improve Their Earth-Print, we blog everyday about ways for the average family to protect the environment by becoming greener, living in a more eco-friendly way.

self-sufficiency, self-sufficient, homesteading, smallholding, good life, off grid living, urban...
Self Sufficiency Guide
Awarded on 7/29/2009 with Top 25%
A practical guide to becoming more Self Sufficient. Reduce your impact on the environment and save money by following this guide to Self Sufficiency

organic baby gift boutique, Organic baby clothes, organic baby gift, organic baby, baby boutique,...
Organic Baby Gift Boutique, Organic Baby Clothes, Organic Baby Gift
Awarded on 6/23/2010 with Top 25%
Organic Baby Gift Boutique eco-friendly and organic baby gifts including organic baby clothes, organic baby onesies, baby blankets, organic mattress,baby lotion, and bpa free bottles with the natural...

Energy Efficient Products, energy saving devices, energy conservation kits, weatherization kits,...
AM Conservation Group, Inc. - Energy Efficient Products & Water Saving Devices
Awarded on 6/23/2010 with Top 25%
AM Conservation Group, Inc.'s website is dedicated to those in pursuit of energy and water efficiency products and services that improve water and energy efficiency.

Sustainable, Eco, Fabulous
Awarded on 5/26/2011 with Top 25%
Ecofabulous showcases the best in stylish, sustainable living and provides trusted recommendations for products, services and resources that are both “eco” and “fabulous,” curated by our expert...

earth friendly shopping bags, reusable tote, Celebrity Reusable bags, eco shopping bags, Reusable...
earth friendly shopping bags
Awarded on 7/21/2011 with Top 25%
Californias lowest price Jute bags, Wine bags, Gift boxes. We are manufacture & exporter of promotional bags, book bags, wine bags.

negative ion generator, eco products, green technology, eco design
Mijeco-a greener use of today's technology.
Awarded on 7/25/2011 with Top 25%
Mijeco™ is the leader in Natural Frequency Technology. Mijeco Eco products support our body and environment by harmonizing radiation emissions from today's technology.

Welcome | Green Planet For Kids
Awarded on 7/27/2011 with Top 25%
Green site for kids

ecology pollution images maps news videos articles stories animals environment
Eco Media Center
Awarded on 2/21/2012 with Top 25%
Eco Media Center provides free photos, maps, videos and news stories, as well as articles and features about animals and the environment.

Intelifuel, biodiesel, wvo, waste vegetable oil, alternative energy, biofuel, jatropha
Intelifuel Cia Ltda - Incino
Awarded on 12/14/2011 with Top 25%
Intelifuel home page. Biodiesel production & WVO Collection.

GRUPOJOMAR, ???????, flag, code, jomar, energia, solar, dot, desenvolvemento, cesydessa, sitio,...
Awarded on 12/14/2011 with Top 25%
Plataforma para el Desarrollo Economico y Social. Desarrollo Sostenible. Sustituir la Energia Electrica tradicional por Energia Solar Fotovoltaica para USO Domestico. CESYDESSA.

recycle, litter, beautification, waste, education
Keep Brownwood Beautiful: Brownwood Beautication Commission, Inc.
Awarded on 11/11/2012 with Top 25%
To empower the citizens of Brownwood to take responsibility through participation and education for their environment

Mangroves, Fiji, carbon offset, community
Mangroves For Fiji
Awarded on 11/28/2012 with Top 25%
Participating Businesses aim at completely offsetting their carbon emissions by sponsoring the planting of Mangroves in Fiji.

Green shopping,
Awarded on 5/13/2013 with Top 25%
The popular environmental portal ( is one of the Internet's oldest and largest environmental directories of earth-friendly companies and resources.

MCS Installer Directory, Heat Pumps, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro, MCS Accredited Installer, MCS...
MCS Accredited Installer Directory
Awarded on 8/5/2010 with Top 25%
The UK MCS Installer Directory allowing consumers to find their local MCS Accredited Installer for Renewable Technologies including; Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Solar...

Software, Internet, Environment, Green IT, Entrepreneurship
Rune Jensen
Awarded on 5/7/2010
The official website and blog of Rune Jensen - Designing environmentally friendly websites (Green Websites). See his projects, work and contact him.

Cloth diapers, Natural organic baby boutique products, chemical free and organic clothes, made in...
Eden's Baby, Cloth Diapers, Natural Organic Mom and Baby Products, Green Baby, Organic Baby Boutique
Awarded on 1/11/2010
Eden's Baby carries cloth diapers, natural and organic baby and mom products, chemical free and organic clothes and toys, made in the usa, maternity and nursing supplies San Antonio, Texas,...

sustainable, smart, stuff, living, eco, environmental, ecosystem, green, passionate
Awarded on 8/10/2009
An informative site that is current with innovative and practical ways to live life as sustainably as possible by making smart decisions.

Organic directory, eco directory, environmental awareness, green living, green
Organic/Eco Directory - For all things Organic, Eco and Environmentally Friendly -
Awarded on 9/10/2009
A site dedicated to all things green, from eco living to environmental awareness with a hint of organic living. Boasting a forum, a blog, the directory and much much more.

organic,baby food,Tyler Florence,green,sustainable,BPA-free - The Exclusive On-line Source for Organic and Affordable Baby Fo
Awarded on 9/11/2009 brings you healthy, eco-conscious baby food and products

natural childbirth, natural pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth video, cord blood banking
Natural Childbirth Information
Awarded on 11/17/2009
Nattural childbirth, natural pregnancy and cord blood banking

onesize cloth diapers,aio cloth diaper,one size diaper,snap diaper, pocket diaper, cloth diaper,...
Evolution Free Size Diapers
Awarded on 10/27/2009
The Evolution is our patent pending free size diaper and promises to be the most innovative diaper you have ever seen.

soy, soy wax, tart, melts, tarts, melt, dye free, scented, highly scented, soy wax tart melts,...
Simply Melt Away-Dye Free, Highly Scented Soy Wax Tart Melts
Awarded on 11/9/2009
Dye free, highly scented soy wax tart melts in recycled, biodegradable and/or compostable earth-friendly packaging.

elimination communication, baby potty, infant potty training, early start potty training, natural...
Part Time Diaper Free: Discover Part Time Elimination Communication
Awarded on 8/18/2009
Learn Elimination Communication (aka Infant Potty Training)- with your baby, a natural alternative to potty / toilet training.

carbon footprint, energy savings, conservation, carbon offsets
Brighter Planet
Awarded on 10/2/2009
Brighter Planet makes it easier for anyone to get involved in the fight against climate change. Simply put, we help people manage and mitigate their environmental footprint. Our free social web...

organic food, independent living, sustainable living,self sufficient, solar power, renewable...
Lifestyle ezine on health and sustainability for LOHAS Cultural Creatives. Organ
Awarded on 11/27/2009
LOHAS Green Living , Organic Gardening News and Self Sufficiency Journal.

BloominPaper :: home
Awarded on 3/15/2010
BloominPaper carefully crafts beautiful seed paper to create a unique look and feel that is unlike any machine-made paper.

tree seedlings, seed favors, wedding favors, plantable favors, fundraising products, promotional... memories one tree at a time.
Awarded on 10/7/2009
Give the gift that keeps on giving. Our Canadian grown evergreen tree seed and seedlings are the natural choice for gifts, favors, fundraising, and promotional items. | i2-green is not just a nice idea- It???s an Innovation, web, online, brochure, book,... | i2-green is not just a nice idea- Its an Innovation.
Awarded on 10/15/2009
I2-green is an innovative way of publishing your magazine, catalog, brochure etc. on the Internet, which is a great choice for Save Trees.

green solar wind environment news sustainability
Awarded on 8/26/2009
Eco-High Tech Green Engineering

going green, green products, green living, eco friendly, wholesale gifts, children toys, eco...
Asobi - Eco friendly toy distributor
Awarded on 9/2/2009
Asobi.Distributor of eco friendly toys and games

hemp, hemp clothing, hemp products, industrial hemp, buy hemp, natural hemp, hemp store, shopping,...
TheHempCloud : your source for hemp products
Awarded on 10/27/2009
The largest directory of hemp products on the internet. Compare prices on hemp products. Everything from hemp clothing to hemp necklaces to hemp food.

diaper natural environment grande prairie cloth
Cloth Diaper Service Grande Prairie Alberta Home
Awarded on 11/20/2009
Cloth Diaper Service Grande Prairie Alberta

Sri Lanka
Awarded on 2/26/2010
Sri Lanka tourism.Glory of a proud nation

Essoya,Aromatherapy,rock candles,rock clocks,rock clock,natural rock clock,soy wax,soy and...
Awarded on 12/11/2009
Essoya Aromatherapy - Rock Candles, Therapeutic grade essential oil,rock clocks,rock clock,natural rock clock,Soy Wax,soy and essential oil candle, Essential Oil Candles,Natural earth friendly...

organic baby products, organic bedding, organic mattresses, non-toxic furniture
Goodnight Room NYC
Awarded on 1/5/2010
Large selection and low prices on natural, non-toxic organic products for babies and their families.

Zboril Josef
Zboril Josef - osobni stranky
Awarded on 1/18/2010
personal website and railways

green, money, carbon, footprint, tips, energy, efficiency
What Could Be Greener Than Green Technology. Ideas and Discussion to Help Save Our Planet Through Technology.
Awarded on 2/1/2010
Great tips and blogs to help you make the world a greener place. Energy saving tips, money saving tips, and ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

diapers, baby lotion, burt
Top of the Baby - Providing affordable baby supplies inculding diapers, bottles, baby shampoo and baby skin care.
Awarded on 2/9/2010
Top of the Baby - Providing affordable baby supplies inculding diapers, organic diapers, bottles, baby shampoo and baby skin care.

Awarded on 6/23/2010

Environmental education, colorful, Hopeful
Kids Think Big LLC
Awarded on 8/11/2009
Green publisher - Award winning 1st book Think Green! - sharing the gift of reading and environmental messages with our youngest generation.

Earthbags- jute bags manufactured in India
Awarded on 7/21/2009
mfrs and exporters of jute bags from India

organic baby boutique exclusive baby gifts
La Piccola Bebe Boutique Home Page
Awarded on 6/2/2009
Eco-Friendly, Organic and Unique baby products.

organic, cloth diaper, cloth diapers, diapers ontario, diapers ontario, cloth diapers canada,...
Go Green Baby - Cloth diapers, baby carriers & organic baby products
Awarded on 12/29/2008
Go Green Baby is a Kingston, Ontario, Canada based business that provides natural, organic and environmentally friendly products for babies, children and families.

organic sustainable baby toys books natural health gifts
Jake & Ella
Awarded on 10/5/2010
A unique boutique featuring products for happy, healthy babies. Brought to you by the makers of Chinaberry, the original ecobaby catalog since 1982.

By Nature, bynature, by nature, organic, natural, eco friendly, organic products, organic gifts,...
By Nature - Organic Natural Eco friendly Fairtrade & Ethical Products - By Nature Green, Organic, Natural, Eco friendly, Fairtrade & Ethical Living
Awarded on 11/19/2010
By Nature brings you a unique selection of organic, recycled, Fair Trade and ethical products. By Nature’s contemporary eco style will fit your life and your conscience.

bamboo, natural bamboo diapers, bamboo inserts, baby wipes, bamboo towels
Baby Sky Shop
Awarded on 1/25/2011
natural bamboo baby fabric

organic, energy, Green ,biofuel, algae, eco friendly, recycle, environment, global warming
Be Green To Live:Global warming, Environment, Conventional Energy, Recycle, Pollution, Organic,Green,Reuse,eco friendly
Awarded on 3/10/2011
Let us all use conventional energy and follow the principles of Recycle,Reuse.Save water and avoid usage of plastics.Be Green in all means of life

byron bay web hosting, eco web host, green web hosting, web site development byron, seo, domain...
Byron Bay Web Hosting - Eco Website Hosting and Website Design Australia
Awarded on 5/5/2011
Eco Website Hosting, Web Site Design & Development, Domain Name Registration, SEO, Custom CMS Integration

TREEmagazine - for People who CARE!
TREEmagazine - For People who CARE!
Awarded on 1/25/2011
Music, ART, Charitiy, that's MyTree.TV! The TREEmagazine - For people who CARE! is growing on WordPress.

Sri Lanka, tourism
Awarded on 12/16/2010
History,culture,traditions,Photo Gallery, on Sri Lanka

Eco Friendly, email broadcast, eco friendly email
Eco Digital Delivery
Awarded on 10/12/2010
Eco Digital Delivery is an online eco friendly email broadcast system that runs on green servers and does everything digitally.

Organic baby gifts, bamboo baby blankets
Baby U R Precious
Awarded on 7/30/2010
Organic Baby Gifts made out of organic bamboo velour. All products are made in the USA and is a family based Green company.

cloth diapers,organic cotton,merino wool,fleece,doublers,organic, organic...
Nurture By Nature. Cloth Diapers, Natural Wooden Toys, Rattles, Organic Skin Care for baby, toddler, Mom., Organic, Natural, Inspiring... Better for Babies. Easier on Earth.
Awarded on 1/15/2009
Nurture by Nature carries wonderful organic, natural, and sustainable, items for your baby, toddler, and family.

eco-friendly online birth announcement
Eco-friendly birth announcement and holiday ecards
Awarded on 9/17/2008
Personalized online birth announcement and holiday ecards - Eco-friendly ecard using your own photos created in Flash.

Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Newbury, Air Conditioning Berkshire, Air Conditioning UK, UK Air...
Air Conditioning, Newbury, Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire, Hampshire
Awarded on 5/29/2009
Green Gate Mechanical Services Ltd provides Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Mechanical Services, Renewable energy and Plumbing requirements in Newbury, Berkshire UK.

recycle, rid, stop, junkmail
Awarded on 6/2/2009
This site is dedicated to providing you with valuable information and resources on how to recycle and stop receiving Junk Mail.

ESIC, ESIC Kerala, Enviro Services, Environmental Services, Environmental Informations,...
Enviro Services & Information Centre
Awarded on 6/23/2010
Enviro Services & Information Centre (ESIC) is a sodality of few environmentalists, providing environmental consulting and management services for industries of the public and private sectors.

Reusable bag sustainable fashion biodegradable homemade carbon-neutral poverty reduction...
Nature Bag
Awarded on 1/21/2009
Website and e-commerce store for the primary products of the poverty reduction program in Northern Laos of which I am 100% sponsor/financier.

solar home, solar, energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green energy, solar panels, passive...
Our solar home in downeast Maine
Awarded on 1/9/2009
Our website aims to inform visitors about ways to to save energy and leave a smaller footprint on the planet, while still living a modern lifestyle.

Louisiana, Sustainable Living, Wind, Solar and Hydro Power, Organic Living, Off 

Grid, Green...
Louisiana Green
Awarded on 12/5/2008
Informational website featuring green and sustainable living articles, products and businesses.

recycling,green,ecology,urban farming,economy,green business,comedy,entertainment,energy,green...
RecycleBill's Recycleblog
Awarded on 3/12/2009
A blog written by a lifelong green freak who works as the general manager of a local recycling center. Recycling, alternative energy, green business and more are the subjects RecycleBill focuses on.

green organic, green store, clothes organic, clothing organic, hemp organic, green clothing, green...
Green Living Stores, Eco-Friendly Fashion, Organic Cotton & Hemp Clothes
Awarded on 3/12/2009
All your green shopping needs in one place. Green living products, eco-friendly stores, organic beauty, organic clothes, natural skincare, solar power.

Government, Environment, Ecology, Health
Green Central Station - Howard County, MD - Green Buisness Council
Awarded on 8/9/2010
Green Central Station is presented by Howard County's Office of Environmnetal Sustainability

web hosting, green web hosting, eco-friendly web hosting, Australian web hosting
Green Web Hosting | Affordable & Reliable | Eco Friendly WebHosting
Awarded on 7/6/2010
Australia's No1 Affordable and Best Green Web Hosting - EcoSite Web Hosting offers one of the most feature rich packages available in Australia online, with free domain, 100% network uptime,...

cloth diapers, feminine pads, reusable!!!!
The Willow Store
Awarded on 7/9/2010
Natural, reusable products for babies and their families to support their healthy, sustainable lifestyle

organic, organic soap, organic dead sea salt, organic bath bomb, natural product, dead sea salt,...
Salamandra Naturals
Awarded on 7/9/2010
We offer natural and organic personal hygiene products, such as soaps, dead sea bath salts , bath bombs.

Organic Bamboo Velour Recycled Hangtags, business cards, stickers, shoppng bags, tissue paper,...
Whimsyboo Baby
Awarded on 7/25/2011
Organic Bamboo Velour Essentials specializing in Whimsyboo Burps and other Mama & Baby favorites. Eco-friendly products and business practices. Encourages recycling & reusing.

Sustainability, education, recycling, case studies, carbon calculator
Impact Redmond
Awarded on 8/2/2011
Impact Redmond is an educational web site that focuses on sustainability and fosters community involvement.

Organic FairTrade Fair Trade Baby clothes clothing kids children color grown wool silk cotton color...
Levana Naturals - Organic & Fair Children's Clothes
Awarded on 10/1/2011 with Top 25%
Fun. Organic. Fair. Baby & Children's Clothes. Levana Naturals mission is to protect the innocence and carefree nature of our children, the environment they live in and the society they grow up...

Bar Soaps Organic Soap Nuts Gift Certificates Dishwasher Tabs Shampoo Bars Shaving Soaps Lotion...
SoapNutsNiagara!, Check out our catalog of organic soaps and start living clean.
Awarded on 10/1/2011 with Top 25%
SoapNutsNiagara! : - Bar Soaps Organic Soap Nuts Gift Certificates Dishwasher Tabs Shampoo Bars Shaving Soaps Lotion Bars Deodorants & Anti-perspirants Medicated Salves Whipped Butters SoapNuts...

shop, prestashop
Ethical Pets
Awarded on 12/14/2011

resilient, abundant future, water, energy, gardens, land, food, people, community, skills, health,...
A Green Guide to Earthwise Harmony
Awarded on 1/23/2012 with Top 25%
Green guide to living sustainably, resiliently, self sufficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

Computers and electronics, CellSeattle, Renton, WA, Washington, Recycle cell phones, cell phone...
CellSeattle - Home
Awarded on 1/23/2012 with Top 25%
CellSeattle was formed in 2011 to raise awareness about the environmental impacts??of cell phone use??and create a sustainable??vehicle for??mobile phone??recycling in the Pacific Northwest.

Renewable Diesel, Renewable Fuel, Renewables, BioDiesel, Fuel Technology, SnxF, Wetzel Oil...
Wetzel Oil International, Inc.
Awarded on 2/21/2012
Wetzel Oil specializes in developing renewable fuel technology that promises to be cleaner, cheaper, and better than existing biodiesel techniques.

underground buildings,underground building,subsurface buildings,subterranean,underground...
Underground Buildings
Awarded on 2/21/2012 explores specific examples of underground buildings and examines concerns like environmental issues, energy efficiency, security, psychological resistance, and safety.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Recycle, Gardening, Garden, Diabetes, Green Living
Awarded on 2/21/2012
Personal blog in Eco Living, Recycling, Vegetarianism, Urban Gardening and Diabetes.

EV cars, hybrid cars, LSV, NEV
EVMobile | Electric Vehicle Marketplace
Awarded on 4/29/2012
Electric Vehicle Marketplace

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Eco Seo Directory Green and Eco Directory
Awarded on 5/14/2012
Free eco seo directory, for eco friendly eco related and green related websites or business. Green and Eco Directory and eco articles.

youth climate report United Nations, John Kelly, Mark Terry, UNEP
Youth Climate Report | Climate ChangeYouth Climate Report
Awarded on 7/9/2012
Youth Climate Report is a crowd sourced media project -- by youth for youth -- around the subject of climate change

climate change, polar, Arctic, Antarctica, Mark Terry, humanitarian
The Polar Explorer
Awarded on 7/9/2012
An envirionmental film that was used by the United Nations to create a new resolution for the Kyoto Protocol.

flower seeds, vegetable seeds, herbs seeds, ornamental grasses, perennials, annuals, seeds
Gardening Palace, An Online Resource To Growing Plants
Awarded on 10/29/2012
plant seeds for flowers vegetables herbs and ornamental grasses

garden planning, flower seeds, vegetables seeds, herbs seeds, gardening information, garden soil...
Boundless Nature
Awarded on 11/5/2012
Boundless Nature, find information about growing plants from seeds, herbal remedies and tinctures, products made from bamboo fiber,

solar, solar power, solar energy, renewable energy
My Solar Power Info
Awarded on 5/13/2013
Encouraging the use of solar power through the promotion of solar powered technologies and accurate consumer information.

join, mvmnt, conscientious, sustainable, organic, fair, trade
Awarded on 5/13/2013
JOIN D MVMNT is a platform that features innovations that promote a conscientious & sustainable lifestyle. JOIN D MVMNT is a platform that features innovations that promote a conscientious &...

fruit, vegetable, produce, healthy, organic, clean, safe, pure, family,
Environne Fruit & Vegetable Wash: Water Simply Isn't Enough
Awarded on 12/14/2011
Whether you get your produce from a backyard garden, a farmer’s market or from your local grocery store, we help you make sure that it’s as healthy as possible.

Silearth, silearth,, Earth, eco, green site
Silearth Eco Green Site
Awarded on 7/11/2008
Featuring cool energy saving projects, news articles, energy conservation, and how to make your home eco friendly

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GI Hopkins
Awarded on 2/20/2008
Construction planning and development, estate management, and environmental services.

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